How has your life been affected by the crisis? Pt. II

Nicole Norfleet was the next cool hip friend to respond to my questions about how the crisis is affecting young people and the national psyche. Nicole worked with me at The Daily Tar Heel, and she once watched me run like a wild woman after a man towing my car at an Obama rally. She’s 22 and is known to do crazy things for journalism.

How has your life been affected by the economic crisis? What have you rethought, or what have you done differently because of it?

I decided to stay in school for an extra semester instead of overloading my last year in school to graduate on time because I knew the job market was going to be horrific this past spring. I’m hoping that this extra semester will give me a little bit more time to prepare. Hopefully, the job market will improve as well. I have been fretting about the economy and money. When you have prepared all of your life for this moment and you have institutions where you have wanted to work when you were a kid (Example: Vibe) folding or filing for bankruptcy (Philadelphia Inquirer) it can be disheartening. Besides preparing professionally, I am using this semester as a way to prepare of how to be fiscally responsible and budget my money better.

How do you think U.S. culture will change because of the economic crisis?

I think even when the economy improves people are going to be tighter with their money. It sort of reminds me of how gas prices used to be high, but now that they have gone down people are still trying to cut back on their driving and buying fuel efficient cars. My generation is the offspring of baby boomers. We were spoiled with private piano lessons, drama camps, summer soccer schools etc.. My kid better pick one activity and stick with hit because I ain’t paying for all of that shit. I’m not going to even have Social Security by the time I get older.

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