How’s the crisis affecting you? Pt. IV

I received some thought-provoking comments yesterday from a college friend. I’ll call him Jake. He’s one of those rough-and-tumble journalists who will do anything for a story, and I know we spent at least one evening speeding around in my Civic, chasing crime in Chapel Hill. I promised him anonymity, although I’m pretty sure he’d never grant it to a source. He’s 23.

At first I was lucky: I got a job just before the worst of this recession, or depression, or whatever the hell it is, hit. And so, while I’d been pretty poor in college, I became broke at a much higher level, which was lovely. Eventually, though, the economy caught up with even the rural little town I was holed up in. There was a sharp pay cut for everyone who still had a job, and I went back to being just plain broke.

I didn’t like that very much, though I don’t think anyone does, really. I started looking for a better job the day they announced the pay cut, and it took me three months. I’m now in a nicer town, making a little bit more than I did when I first started out, though everything here costs more, too.

I’m doing alright, but I’ve had to sweat and run a bit to hang on to what I have. That said, I eat plenty of meals out, buy booze each week and generally have the sort of life I want to live. What’s a little sweat?

I like “Jake’s” attitude — What’s the big deal if we have to work a little harder?


PS. Read Ben’s comments on “Changing our habits.” Thanks Ben!


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