Let’s look outside of the bubble now. Pt. II

Alana Ramo, who majored in International Studies, lived in Argentina and shares my affinity for a good mate (what’s that?), had some excellent comments related to the previous post.

First of all I think the term “economic crisis” is a global term.

In my personal life there is definitely an “economic crisis” happening, but I believe that has more to do with my fondness for boutique cupcakes and expensive shoes than the economic recession in the US. From what I have seen during my travels, I believe the rest of the world is more caught up in our economic crisis than we are.

True, my parents who own a restaurant in Hendersonville, N.C. have had to tighten their belts on expensive purchases due to a large fall in the number of customers this year, and we have had to act with a bit more caution with our money overall. But I believe this crisis is much more significant for those residing in the global south.

Every day in Argentina I watched the headlining news, the papers, the conversations in coffee shops and they all centered on what the US dollar was doing that day. In fact, I believe the term “crisis” is meant for those living in the sphere of US influence rather than those actually living in the US.

A fall in international trade has led to this GLOBAL recession. So although I’m pulling my hair out trying to find a job in a limited hiring atmosphere at least my money isn’t steadily turning to dust or my country spiraling into another economic collapse. I think our generation should acknowledge that we are all of extreme privilege and that having to cut back on eating out is only a nuisance, not a crisis.

Thanks Alana.



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