FLASH photography.

Recently I was in New York for less than 24 hours. I had so much stuff and so little time that I wasn’t able to bring my real camera — even with just a 50 mm attached — much less stop to soak in the essence of la gran manzana and pause to photograph the corners of this wonderful city. It was kind of entertaining, then, to see what I could capture on the run — literally — with my point-and-shoot. Something about being in a rush myself makes me feel like I can even better encapsulate the pace and feel of this city. Nice, too, to start thinking more about color and blur and texture when you can’t rely on the romantic look of shallow depth of field to make a nice picture. And I think it tests my ability to think in a FLASH, to think visually in fractions of seconds, because if I hesitate for just a moment, I’ve already lost the picture.

Julie on the run.

I wrote to some of you asking for your insights for a post about what makes us all tick and keep going. Write me because I’m interested in this topic ….


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