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News roundup

Two interesting pieces in today’s paper analyze national change:

“Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left with ‘Nobody to Talk To.'”

Patricia Leigh Brown, New York Times

Older immigrants are a “gathering force” in the U.S. — seniors now make up the fastest-growing immigrant age group. But few people have written about their experiences, or about how this growing force stands to change the U.S. Why? I like how Judith Treas, a sociology professor, puts it, “They never win spelling bees. They do not join criminal gangs. And nobody worries about Americans losing jobs to Korean grandmothers.” Read Brown’s piece for some insight into the lives of invisible immigrants.

“Missing Richard Nixon.”

Paul Krugman, New York Times

Now there’s an unlikely headline for the Times’ opinion page. But I like the question Krugman poses in this op-ed: Will Obama’s administration really be as transformational as he promised? Krugman explains the way U.S. politics have changed in the past forty years, and why it’s so much harder to create change and reform today.


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