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News roundup

“One Man’s Trash …” Kate Murphy, New York Times

This will be the only time I post something from the “Home & Garden” section of a newspaper. But this is just fascinating — Dan Phillips a former Army intelligence officer,  college dance instructor and syndicated cryptogram puzzle maker (what?) has spent the last 12 years building low-income housing out of “trash.” In Texas.

He’s used wine corks for flooring and old picture frames to cover ceilings. Check out the photographs here.

“You can’t defy the laws of physics or building codes,” Mr. Phillips says, “but beyond that, the possibilities are endless.”

“Urban Chickens: The Latest Trend in New York City” Huffington Post/MSNBC

Chain smoking hipsters are no longer the only creatures in Brooklyn — now the chickens are moving in.  New Yorkers are buying their own chickens and keeping them at home, really taking “eat local” to a new level. Watch the video.

I’m curious — you urbanites out there, have any of you seen this? My roommate in Buenos Aires made her own yogurt (hi Mechi!), but I never saw any chickens in the city …



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